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Teeth Whitening

Traditional Bleaching and Chairside Whitening

Everyone wants that beautiful, bright white smile. Over the counter whitening toothpaste, strips and solutions just don’t take care of the staining, yellowing or discoloration for many people. We recommend avoiding dark colored foods and drinks such as blueberries or coffee, but since no one wants to start their day off with out their coffee Absolute Quality Care offers two different solutions:

Do you have a special event tomorrow? Would you like to show off your whitest and brightest smile? Our LumiBrite Chairside whitening is a fast solution for your brightest smile. We use a peroxide-based gel with the Sapphire Whitening  Light to enhance results. Remove staining from colorful foods and drinks, even smoking in as little as 30 minutes. Get a brighter smile in only one visit. It’s that easy! Plus, we’ll also send you home with custom bleaching trays so you can maintain your beautiful smile.

Custom take-home trays are a more gradual approach. We will take impressions of your teeth and make soft ,fitted trays for you to wear at your convenience. With the custom trays you will see the same impressive results that the Sapphire Light produces in as little as 2 weeks. You’ll wear the trays lined with professional grade whitening gel for the prescribed time each day until you get a brighter smile.  If you run out of the gel you can always drop by our office to get some more to maintain your smile.

Absolutely. Tooth whitening has been performed by dentists for decades. The safety of tooth whitening has been supported by research and clinical studies. in fact, it is one of the most commonly performed and least-invasive procedures available today.

Some patients experience sensitivity during treatment. This sensitivity is temporary and can be easily treated with a desensitizing gel, which we have in-house.  If you have very sensitive teeth , it is important to let Dr. Bailey know so that he can provide the best solution for you.

Our whitening solutions will provide dramatic results, however whitening is not permanent. When you aren’t whitening, foods, drinks, and smoking can be yellowing so it is important to maintain your teeth by whitening at home. It is also important to visit us regularly for cleanings and check ups in order to maintain your brightest whitest smile.

Almost everyone can have their teeth whitened. However, it is important to seek Dr. Bailey’s advice to determine which treatment is best for you. For example if you have had a previous restoration, crown or veneer, then it will not whiten with the rest of your teeth. If that is the case we would want to stay within a few shades of the restorations.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of things. Trauma and certain medications like tetracycline and other antibiotics may cause discoloration. Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or red wine may lead to discoloration. Even some fruits like blueberries may discolor and stain your teeth. If you cannot avoid these personal choices then get to a toothbrush and toothpaste as soon as possible after eating drinking or smoking. Making your regular 6 month dental visit will also remove some staining from your teeth.