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Tooth Cavity Prairieville, LA

At Absolute Quality Care, we are here to help our patients manage and maintain the health of their dental structures. Tooth cavities are an extremely common dental concern that we treat in our Prairieville, LA dentist office. Our dental care professionals have the training and experience needed to help our patients treat their current cavities as well as prevent the development of future cavities. Learn more about how we treat cavities in our office below.

Treatment for Tooth Cavities in Prairieville, LA

Cavities are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay forms on your dental structures due to a poor diet or poor oral hygiene habits. Cavities can affect patients of all ages and should be filled as soon as possible to prevent structural damage to your affected tooth. Left untreated, cavities can eat away at your tooth and cause a toothache.

To prevent future cavities, patients should be mindful of their dietary choices. Avoid eating foods that are excessively sticky or sweet. Additionally, beverages like sodas will also contribute to the formation of a cavity. If you do indulge in one of these treats, make sure to follow them up with a thorough brushing and flossing session to remove all residue from your dental structures before they are able to harden and cause decay.

Cavities can be treated using dental fillings at our dentist office. During the dental filling process, all the decay will be removed from your tooth and then filled in using a hardened material that will fill in the space left behind the cavity. If your dental decay is too advanced, we may have to recommend other restorative alternatives like a dental crown to restore the structure of the tooth as well as the overall health of your smile. No matter what, Dr. Bailey will ensure that your cavity is effectively treated and will offer suggestions on how to avoid future cavities.

Schedule A Dental Cleaning & Exam With Dr. Gray Bailey

We recommend scheduling routine dental care appointments once every six months. This will allow our dental care professionals to monitor your dental health and prevent the progression of cavities. Schedule a dental cleaning today, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.