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If you do not replace a missing tooth soon enough, your remaining teeth may shift and overcrowd which leads to a misaligned bite and even tooth decay. Patients with multiple missing teeth may suffer from speech issues or facial sagging. Not promptly receiving restorative dental care can increase the likelihood of dental issues.

At Absolute Quality Care Family Dentistry, Dr. Gray Bailey offers dentures to patients in Prairieville, LA. Partial and full dentures replace multiple lost teeth or even full arches of missing teeth.

Implant-supported dentures in Prairieville, Louisiana

Dentures in Prairieville, LA

If you have been dealing with messy adhesives and gum irritation from old dentures, we can help you replace your restoration. We can also help create a brand new restoration if have never received dentures. Full or partial dentures come with several differences:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made of replacement teeth attached to an acrylic base with a metal framework. If patients have consecutive missing teeth, but not a full arch missing, they may benefit from this treatment.

Full Implant-Dentures

Implant-secured dentures provide more long-term benefits than removable dentures. Implants help maintain the bone and jaw structure. In addition, dental implants keep dentures in place so they do not slip. We can refer you to a specialist to attach implants to an existing denture or create a new implant-secured denture.

How Long is Denture Treatment?

Each case is different. Dr. Bailey will examine your teeth and gums to create a custom treatment plan based on your specific needs. The length of your treatment time depends on the health of your teeth and gums. If you require gum disease treatment or tooth extraction before receiving a denture, we can help.

It may take more time to undergo treatment with implants, but the results are worth it. Implants provide a longer-lasting result for patients with missing teeth.

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Restore the look and function of your smile with full or partial dentures. Schedule a dental exam and consultation with Dr. Bailey or call Absolute Quality Care Family Dentistry at 225-673-9535. Dr. Bailey and his dental team look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.