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Root Canals

The infamous “root canal”–just the name conjures up some ugly images in the imagination, but we promise it’s not what the name makes it out to be. With today’s modern dental technology the root canal can be a painless procedure. If your nerves won’t let you get over the ugly name “root canal” Dr. Bailey provides options that may help calm your mind and get you through.

Why would I need a root canal?

A root canal is the preferential treatment to save a tooth that has been irreversibly damaged or if a cavity has spread to the pulp of the tooth. Once Dr. Bailey has diagnosed the need for a root canal, the only other option is extraction. The root canal is the last resort to save the tooth. If gone untreated, the tooth may cause a swollen painful abscess, and the infection may even spread causing very serious–even life threatening situations.

What is involved in having a root canal done?

First we will numb the tooth that needs the root canal. Dr. Bailey will then remove the decay from the tooth and as the pulp which is infected or dead through a small hole in the tooth. He will then irrigate to remove any remaining bacteria. Next we fill the canals with a special dental material to seal off the canals. Finally we crown the tooth so that it can be functional again.

Will it hurt?

As with many dental procedures today, you will be numbed with local anesthetic. You will not be able to feel anything during the procedure. Some patients may experience minor pain after the procedure that can be manageable with pain medicine.