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Partials and Dentures

They say that just flexing the muscles that draw your mouth into a smile can brighten your day. But if you have missing teeth it can keep you from smiling. This can lead to low self esteem and keep people from social interactions that they might otherwise engage. Missing teeth ages people and can give a sucker in look. This is because with time the bone structure dissipates. This can be prevented and life can improve for people with missing teeth. A removable partial or even complete dentures may be a great solution.

Complete Dentures Vs. Removable Partial

A removable partial fits in with teeth that you have and may hook on to them to hold the partial in place. A partial may be the right solution for you if you have some healthy teeth that may be salvageable or functional. A complete dentures is a prosthetic replacement for all teeth; this option is for those with teeth that cannot be saved.

Will I have to be without teeth while my denture is made?

No. For a first time denture we are usually able to place the denture the same day that we extract the teeth. We have options so that you will not have to be without. We will set you up with what refer to as a soft reline. This will allow the extraction sites and gums healing time. Once healing is complete we will evaluate and get a hard reline or even a new denture. Every person heals differently.

Are dentures comfortable?

You will have an adjustment period, but a well made denture will be comfortable and will not require fix aren’t or other adhesives in order to stay in place. You will have to learn how to talk and eat with the new dentures, but this will come naturally sooner than you think.

How long will my dentures last?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you should have your denture checked and cleaned every 6 months. At Absolute Quality Care we will also examine your mouth for fungus, bacteria, fit and aesthetics. The ADA recommends that you get a new denture every 5-7 years. This of course depends on the person wearing them, how they take care of them, how they use them and other factors.