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Dental Extractions

Including Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes a tooth is past the point of saving. In cases like this the nerve of a tooth has become infected and the tooth cannot be restored, this usually calls for extraction of the tooth. This could be the case if there’s not enough solid, useable tooth structure remaining.

Why would a tooth need to be extracted?

When teeth can no longer be restored they need to be extracted because they are usually a source of infection. Even if the tooth does’t hurt you could still be walking around with infection. The infection can spread throughout the whole body and may even cause severe infection affecting your sinuses or even your brain. These infections can be serious and even fatal.

Another reason you may need an extraction is the removal of your wisdom teeth. Most people do not have enough space in their mouth for wisdom teeth. They often need to be removed to prevent crowding which can cause decay.

How can I prevent having teeth extracted?

Most of the time teeth are extracted due to rampant decay. You can prevent decay by visiting your dentist regularly and by through proper home care.